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Christmas has come and gone with lots of drama. We were quite busy keeping our Etsy shop fresh and sewing orders for others as well as our own gifts. We even had a custom order for 6 stockings that we are still working on now, the second week of January (don't worry, she didn't need them this year). We had a major snow storm and lost power for several days and were snowed in for a week,...

Now life is a little calmer and we are taking a much-needed reprieve from our shop (except those stockings we still owe a very kind and understanding purchaser). So I've had a bit of time to visit some fellow crafters on the web.

My fav discovery is Ruffles &Stuff. This woman is so crafty and resourceful. I was so inspired, I read all the way through to the beginning of her blog.

Here are a couple of my very favorite Ruffles & Stuff projects.

1) Super Easy T-Shirt Scarf
2) Shabby Chic Pleated Shade
3) No Sew Flutter Cape
4) Winter Wonderland Dress

I am so very inspired to deconstruct and reconstruct! You rock, Disney!

The Everything Etsy Blog

I just love I love it so much and find it so useful that I get all new posts by email. She has useful articles like organizing your craft supplies, great finds, crafter bios, and so much more. And she has a knack for finding the very best of each subject from the far corners of the web. Another must read!

scoutie girl

I am also loving Scoutie Girl Gift Guides: a collaborative, curated guide to buying handmade gifts for the holidays & beyond. shop by recipient or tag, or search for exactly what you’re looking for! What a simple, go-to resource for all gift giving! Love it!

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