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We have only been selling our handmade products for a few months and, already, we can pinpoint a "most popular seller." By far, it is the Robert Kaufman Owls print BOXY POUCH. We sold 3 of them in the last 5 days, 2 the very first day we listed them!

This Robert Kaufman owl fabric, made in Japan, is part of his Forest Fun collection. We have the "spice" coloration. In the first 3 pouches, I paired it with a sunny yellow polka dot for the interior and the pull tabs. We haven't been able to get more of this polka dot so we are making more of the owl pouches with a small red polka dot, a yellow with a multi-colored polka dot, and a yellow with a darker yellow swirl. All will be equally as charming as this little guy.

If you'd like one of these owl pouches, send us a message through
our Etsy shop and we'll put up a custom order for you. You'll be able to choose between the three interior choices I listed above.

Don't forget, at $12, these make a great gift!

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