Tween, teen, little girl, girlie-girl "Grace" Hat has arrived!

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We are finally ready to start selling some of our creations here at Studio Polka Dot. We are starting with girlie hats, tote bags, reusable coffee cuffs, and kids' craft aprons. We should have these products up on our Etsy store ( by Wednesday.

However, I am posting my tween daughter's favorite girlie girl hat, "Grace," here today. You'll be able to purchase it on Etsy next week or you can email me directly to order one now ( The hat is $15 with $2 shipping and will fit children age 5 all the way up to adult (it fits me). We have many in this color combination (although the button in the center of the flower will vary) or you can custom order it in different colors as well.

Your girls are going to LOVE this hat!

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Penny Williams

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July 30, 2009 at 4:50 AM
This last pic is simple adorable!

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